How it Works – Buyer’s Guide

What is your buyer’s premium?

Even though our summer promotion is over, our buyer’s premium is still just 4%. Keep in mind that there is a minimum of $400 and a maximum of $4,000

How is the buyer’s premium paid?

To register to bid on TDE, you must have a card on file. When you bid, a hold is placed on your card. If you win, we convert the hold to a charge. If you lose, we drop the hold.
For bids under $25,000 we will place a hold for $400.
For bids above $25,000 but less than $50,000, we place a hold for $1,000.
For all bids above 50,000, we place a hold for $2,000.
If you win the auction, we will collect the remainder, which will add up to exactly 4% of the winning bid.

Are cars sold under reserve on TDE?

Yes, currently all cars on TDE are sold under a reserve. This reserve is not viewable by bidders. For the best chance of securing your dream car, you should plan to bid the highest amount that you feel comfortable with.

What happens after I win an auction?

After you win an auction, you will receive an automated email with the seller’s contact information. The seller will also receive an email with your information. We will only release your name, email, and phone number. Please ensure that your contact information on file is correct before placing a bid.

Does TDE personally guarantee or insure transactions?

We do not personally ensure transactions, but our team carefully vets every car before we post it for sale. This means that we only allow cars with sufficient photos, documentation, and known history. We actively curate the best collector cars. However, if any issues arise in the process if receiving your vehicle, please contact us via email at [email protected] We take these matters very seriously and will do everything in our power to rectify the situation.

I’m registered to bid, but I want to become a seller now.

We would be happy to have you participate in TDE from both sides. Please follow this guide to become a seller.

If I win a car, does the seller ship it to me?

This can be arranged between the buyer and seller, but keep in mind that transport costs are the buyer’s responsibility, not the seller’s. This means that as a buyer, you could pay for a transport company to fetch the car for you, or you could even fly out to the car and drive it home! We always state the location of a car in the listing, so be sure to carefully consider this information before you bid!

Who pays the sales tax?

After a car is won, all applicable taxes are to be paid by the buyer, not the seller. We expect you to follow all local and federal laws.