Become a Seller




Before you can submit a listing to The Driven Exchange, you must first convert your existing membership to a seller profile. Don’t worry, this only takes a couple of minutes, and it doesn’t anything to register to sell! Follow along with our guide below and as always, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. If you’re already registered to sell but haven’t yet submitted a car, please visit our seller’s guide.

Step 1:

First, navigate to your seller dashboard. Sign in first, and click where is says “Hello, (your name)” at the top right of the screen. On mobile, this menu will be located at the top left. Once at the dashboard, you will see the link circled below.

Step 2:

After clicking “Register to Sell” you will be taken to a short form. The first and last name fields should already be filled in, so all that you will need to enter is a seller name. If you are a dealer, use your dealership name here, if you are an individual feel free to use anything that you would want bidders to recognize you by. Keep in mind this cannot exactly match your current username.

Step 3:

Click “confirm” and you are now registered to sell! You should receive a confirmation message via email. To submit your first car for sale, please refer to our seller’s guide. You can access you seller dashboard at any time through the new link added to your account page.