Celebrity owned – Daniel Wu’s 1961 Lincoln Continental Convertible

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First off, we would like thank Daniel for entrusting The Driven Exchange with this vehicle. This is a gorgeous car, and we appreciate all the work that has gone into it.

For those not familiar, Daniel Wu is a very accomplished television/film actor and producer. And he’s also a Bay Area, California native, just like us! Outside of production, Daniel is an avid car enthusiast, which brings us to this build. Starting with an already solid example, Daniel added both AccuAir suspension and custom billet wheels, which really set this apart from other early 60s Continentals. Instead of having us tell you all the specifics, hear it from the man himself in an exclusive interview done for The Driven Exchange.

Of course, we can’t sell the car of a famous actor without adding something cinematic into the mix. If you haven’t already fallen in love with this car, the video below is sure to change that.

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