2003 Supercharged BMW M3 6-Speed

We generally like to believe that the designers over at BMW know whats best for their products. However, this Active Autowerke equipped M3 has us seriously thinking that all E46 M3 coupes should have come like this straight from the factory. Here’s why.

E46 BMWs are no stranger to being modified in crazy ways. In most cases, you can spot (or hear) a modified example from over a mile away. This car, however, is different. From the exterior, this car struck us as the best example of an E46 we’d ever seen. Pop the hood, and only the most seasoned BMW fans would notice the aftermarket supercharger. Simply put, the integration is seamless. Of course, the appearance of this car is not its most important attribute, so lets talk about how it drives.

Anyone familiar with this era of BMW knows what to expect as soon as you slide behind the wheel of one of these cars. And we are happy to tell you that the smooth power delivery, direct steering, and proper weight distribution are still present here. The power us just kicked up a notch. Throttle response is still more similar to a naturally aspirated car, so no need to worry about unexpected surges. However, kick the throttle, and you’ll hear a slight whine from under the hood as the car pushes you back in the seat. This car comes with an aftermarket exhaust that is slightly louder than stock, but not obnoxious enough to upset your home owners association. The best part is that this car will be up for auction soon through The Driven Exchange. Register to bid, and have a chance at taking home this German masterpiece!

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